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Washer Accessories

Our washer accessories will ensure that your windscreens will get an effective spray and can then be seen out of clearly. We stock the main pumps and tubing but also offer connectors, valves and jets for washer accessories. Please click on the item you are interested in to find out more.

12V Windscreen Washer Pump - Classic Spares
12V Windscreen Washer Pump

£18.18 (£21.82 inc tax)

Plastic Non-Return Valve - Classic Spares
Plastic Non-Return Valve

£3.42 (£4.10 inc tax)

Plastic Straight Connector - Classic Spares
Plastic Straight Connector

£0.95 (£1.14 inc tax)

Plastic T-Piece Connector - Classic Spares
Plastic T-Piece Connector

£0.95 (£1.14 inc tax)

Twin Windscreen Washer Jet - Classic Spares
Twin Windscreen Washer Jet

£6.56 (£7.87 inc tax)

Windscreen Washer Tubing - 4MM - Classic Spares
Windscreen Washer Tubing - 4MM

£1.05 (£1.26 inc tax)


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