Auto Finesse Citrus Power 5 Litre – Bug & Grime Remover

Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover is a versatile pre-wash essential that no detailing kit should ever be without. Designed to aid the perfect swirl-free pre-wash, this powerful blend of degreasers, cleaning agents and advanced surfactants safely removes heavy soiling, bugs and traffic films, without the need for scrubbing and without deteriorating any previously-applied car wax and sealants.

The pre-wash stage is one of, if not THE, most important processes in detailing and should be performed regardless of the time of year. This is where the heaviest, and most harmful, particulate grime is removed without making contact with the vehicle. Sharp particles and gritty contaminants can easily inflict swirl-marks and paint defects when dragged around on paintwork with a wash mitt. So, for the safest wash possible, these contaminants must be removed before your 2-bucket contact wash, and this is where our flagship pre-cleaner can be utilised to attack, and safely extract, even the most stuck-on grime.

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