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A big 200g bar of fine, soft clay that is easy to use and won’t marr paintwork, it sounds to good to be true but that is just what we have to offer you here in the form of the Auto Finesse Clay bar fine, idea for those new to clay bars and claying whilst the seasoned pros would also appreciate its consistency and effectiveness, detailing Clay Bar fine is perfect for all paint types, combined with our Glide clay bar lube you will be able to achieve a marr and scratch free smooth finish with ease. This product will likely be one of the first in your detailing products.

A Clay Bar will safely remove bonded contaminates that no other detailing product can, and without this useful tool, the Auto Finesse detailing studio would grind to a halt. Their gentle mechanical action allows them to strip organic and inorganic bonded contaminates without using any harsh chemicals. This ability helps them to restore the gloss and slickness that has been hidden by the contamination, and improve the effectiveness of all subsequent detailing steps. That is what makes claying so important, and why we have put so much energy into our own Auto Finesse Clay Bar.

The Auto Finesse Clay Bar is made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay. This allows it to be both more effective against contamination, and less abrasive on sensitive paintwork than common polymer clays. It will efficiently remove both organic contamination (Tree sap, mineral deposits from rainwater, protein deposits from insects and bird droppings.), and inorganic contamination (Light tar and iron deposits, industrial pollution, paint overspray, etc.) on practically any hard surface. Paint, alloy wheels, glass, bright work trim, and even gloss-finish plastics can all benefit from being clayed.

Like all Auto Finesse car care products, our Clay is formulated to suit the needs of professional detailers, but can be used with great success by detailing enthusiasts and first time detailers as well. The Auto-Finesse Clay Bar is so gentle that it won’t fully strip your vehicle’s existing protection, but is still strong enough to quickly remove even tough bonded road films. This makes it the ideal detailing clay to tackle any situation a professional detailer may encounter, but also forgiving for a first time detailer to learn how to use. No situation is too tough, or too sensitive for the Auto Finesse Clay Bar.

No matter how little or how much you detail, or how old or new your vehicle is, no one with an interest in detailing should be without a good clay bar. While it might not be as dynamic as polishing, or as exotic as applying an expensive wax, claying is arguably an even more important detailing step. Without it your vehicle will never truly be ‘clean’. This is why we have put so much effort into creating the specification for our clay bar, and you will honestly feel the difference as soon as you use it. With something as versatile and crucial as a clay bar, why not use the very best?


Under normal conditions vehicles need to be clayed twice a year to remove bonded contaminates, though you may need to clay more or less frequently depending upon your individual circumstances. As a rule of thumb it is a good idea to clay before polishing, or applying a wax or sealant, though this is not always necessary. If you are unsure of whether your vehicle needs clayed, don a thin latex surgical glove (Or use a piece of cellophane film, either will work), and gently run your fingers across the surface of your clean paint. The glove or film helps to amplify your tactile sensations, and allows you to detect minute surface imperfections. If you can feel a slight roughness underneath your fingers, you know it is time to clay. Before claying you should wash and dry your vehicle, and inspect for heavy tar deposits or iron fallout. If these are present it will be necessary to use dedicated tar and iron fallout removers like Auto-Finesse ObliTARate, and Auto Finesse Iron Out before claying.

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