Auto Finesse Dual Foam Applicator


Constructed from two grades of high-quality, open cell foam, our Dual Wax & Polish Applicator is a multi-purpose hand refinement and finishing tool.

A master multitasker, this generous 150 x 90 x 30mm apparatus consists of a white, medium-firm side that’s ideal for a variety of hand polishing tasks, and the perfect partner for our Tripple All-in-One Polish.

Flip to the black, super-soft side and you have the perfect foam applicator for adding durable protection layers – such as our Signature Hard Waxes or Radiance Carnauba Crème – along with all varieties of water or silicone-based trim and tyre dressings.

These detailing essentials are supplied in packs of two to ensure you’re never without a fresh Dual Wax & Polish Applicator to give an impeccable finish to every job.

(pack of 2)

Size: 150mm X 90mm X 30mm

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