Auto Finesse Hide Cleanser 500ML – Leather Cleanser

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Restoring the sensual finish of your fine leather upholstery begins by removing the in-ground grime with Auto Finesse Hide Cleanser. The first half of our leather care duo, Hide Cleanser was developed with the needs of modern leather finishes in mind. Our goal was to create a dedicated leather cleaner that embodied the same consummate ease, and professional grade performance as all of our Auto Finesse detailing products. Capable of gently extracting even the toughest of stains from delicate leather surfaces, Hide Cleanser achieves that goal with flying colours.

Auto Finesse Hide Cleanser is a mild, glycerin based cleaner, specifically balanced to safely remove grime from modern leather materials. It is ideal for use on all finished, semi-aniline, and aniline (Sometimes also called ‘Nappa’, uncoated, or natural.) leather finishes. Hide Leather Cleanser quickly penetrates the pores of the material, drawing out deeply ingrained dirt, stains, and oils. Hide Cleanser can even remove dye-transfer from blue-jeans, scuffs from shoes, and other stubborn marks from your fine leather upholstery. This places Hide Leather Cleanser among the best leather cleaners on the market.

  • 500ML

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