Auto Finesse Mercury – Metal Polish


New or old, it is likely that your vehicle will have some form of exposed metal. Whether it is in the form of a custom exhaust tip or a vintage oil filler cap, your bright work should never look dull, tarnished or oxidised! Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish was brought into our range as a metal polish that is suitable for all types of metals and vehicles. Mercury is perfect for car exhausts and trims, motorbike parts, motorhome wheel trims and even checker plate of the dirtiest of lorries.

Mercury is an easy to use quick acting metal polish. Unlike some metal polishes, Mercury comes in a light paste form so it is easy to use the right amount for any purpose. The light abrasives and solvents work quickly when teamed with either a foam applicator or microfiber cloth. Instantly you will see grime and oxidisation removed from the metal surface and onto the applicator. Once wiped clean, Mercury reviles a factory fresh look to any bright work.

  • 100ML

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