Auto Finesse Spritz 500ML – Interior Detail Spray


Auto Finesse Spritz is the perfect interior dressing for those times when you simply want to maintain that factory fresh interior finish of a brand new car. For all intensive purposes, Spritz is an ‘interior quick detailer’, capable of both lightly cleaning and protecting interior plastics and vinyl all in one step. Its easy to use water-based formula is packed with UV-inhibitors to protect against fading, and leaves behind a natural matte finish that is dry to the touch. Spritz is the quickest way to maintain a spotlessly clean interior, and extend our signature Auto Finesse finish to the inside of your car.

Interior detailing is arguably one of the most important stages of detailing, as the cabin of your car is the area you spend the most time in. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked, as it rarely involves making something shiny (Which, let’s face it, is why we all enjoy detailing.). However, this is the stage that truly shows your dedication to the craft, and that is why we at Auto Finesse have devoted so much time to creating our line of interior detailing products. Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Quick Detailer will help you to easily maintain that showroom-fresh look for many years to come.

  • 500ML

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