Classic Car Number Plates

We are one of UK’s leading suppliers of classic car number plates and fixings which suit all classic and vintage. Our range includes: hand painted number plates, acrylic number plates, embossed aluminium number plates, cast aluminium number plates, raised digit number plates and self-adhesive number plates. We also supply oval identifiers and number plate fixings.
Browse our options and buy securely online today. Style and size information for each classic number plate is available when you click on an image.
If you are unsure of the type of plate that is suitable for your veteran, classic or vintage car then please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.
3 ½ Digit number plates are suitable for cars up to 1963 which have 6 digits.
3 ⅛ Digit number plates are suitable for cars from 1963 which have 7 digits.

Please note that due to the truly bespoke nature of some of the number plates we supply there can be a delivery of of up to 6 weeks but most of our number plates are made and delivered within 3-5 working days.

Since April 2015 vehicles manufactured before 1st January 1975 can display older style number plates. The 40 year exemption date rolls forward automatically each year on April 1st.

Year Exempt (registered before…)
April 1 2015 January 1st 1975
April 1 2016 January 1st 1976
April 1 2017 January 1st 1977
April 1 2018 January 1st 1978
April 1 2019 January 1st 1979