Self Adhesive Number Plates

We supply self-adhesive number plates which come with either white or silver digits. Self adhesive plates are ideal for cars from 1950 with no space for a standard number plate such as the Jaguar E-Type. Click each item individually to get a better sense of the product.

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery on our self adhesive number plates. If you require a bespoke size please contact us. Since April 2015 vehicles manufactured before 1st January 1975 can display older style number plates. The 40 year exemption date rolls forward automatically each year on April 1st.

Year Exempt (registered before…)
April 1 2015 January 1st 1975
April 1 2016 January 1st 1976
April 1 2017 January 1st 1977
April 1 2018 January 1st 1978
April 1 2019 January 1st 1979

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