E-type Series 1 Embossed Number Plate 21 ½” x 7″


E-type Series 1 embossed number plate. Rear number plate to suit Jaguar E-type series 1. Stove enamelled embossed aluminium plate made by hand using original dies, traditional methods along with our bespoke template. We offer 2 depths of plate to suit coupes and roadsters. This number plate features 3 ⅛” digits is suited for cars up to 1968. We created this plate to fill the number plate panel on the series 1 e-type including applying a large radius to the top edges.

  • Plate length 21 ½” x 7″

We do require 2 forms of I.D when ordering number plates. Please check our Customer Information to find out which identification we accept. Please allow 5-10 days for dispatch and delivery time.

£47.00 £56.40 inc. VAT

*This image is only representative and is not the actual font used