Eezibleed Kit

SKU: G4062

Gunson Eezibleed Kit. Easy fluid replacement system using air pressure from the spare wheel to bleed brake and clutch hydraulics. Safe to use, the one-way flow mechanism and airtight seal on the reservoir ensures fast fluid replacement with no contamination. There is no need for pedal pumping which avoids the risk of damaging the master cylinder seal. The versatile kit includes four screw caps (25, 27, 44-45 and 46mm) as well as three hoses, making it easy to connect Eezibleed to a wide variety of vehicles.

  • Suitable for single handed operation. Uses the air pressure from a spare tyre to effortlessly bleed hydraulic systems.
  • Can be used successfully on the following systems: tandem master cylinders without sensors, tandem reservoirs, slave servos and vacuum servos.
  • Includes a range of cap and seal sizes: 25mm (Lockheed systems), 27mm (certain VAG systems), 44/45mm (metal Girling reservoirs and all ATE systems) and 46mm (certain Girling systems).
  • Kit contains: pressure bottle (for new brake fluid), bottle cap assembly, bleed tube set, five cap and seal sets, brass reservoir cap fitting, two fibre washers, lock nut and hook.

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