Penrite Engine Flush – 375ML


Penrite Engine Flush is a fast acting, solvent free, engine cleaning formulation that removes engine deposits, sludge and contaminants with the oil service drain. It contains added zinc for engine wear protection and its fast acting formulation works in 10 minutes. The solvent free formulation protects gaskets and seals from damage during the cleaning process.

Penrite Engine Flush is designed for use in all engine types in passenger cars, light & heavy duty commercial vehicles, motorcycles, industrial equipment, marine and stationary engines. It is safe to use in all petrol, LPG & diesel engines and is safe for catalytic converters, DPF’s and engine sensors.

The unique formulation of cleaning agents are designed to clean oil galleries, oil sludge and engine contaminants that effect lubrication of the engine. These contaminants are broken down by the Engine Flush and drained away with the oil service.

Engine Flush is economical to use with an application rate of 50 ml of product per litre of oil.  One 375ml bottle of Engine Flush will treat 7.5 litres of oil.  Engine Flush is recommended for use at every oil service to maintain engine cleanliness.

For best results:

  • Start engine and run for 5 minutes
  • Add Engine Flush to engine through the oil fill point (application rate of 50ml per litre of oil)
  • Restart engine, let the engine run for 10 minutes
  • Allow engine to cool
  • Drain engine oil & replace oil filter
  • Refill engine oil using the appropriate oil
  • Dispose of used oil & filter responsibly

Note: Penrite recommend using Engine Flush at each oil change as preventative maintenance against sludge formation and to maximise the life of new engine oil.

  • Contains zinc for added wear protection
  • Fast acting, cleans in 10 minutes
  • Solvent free to prevent engine seal damage
  • Removes engine sludge, varnish and deposits with oil drain
  • Suitable for all Petrol, Diesel & LPG engines
  • Suitable for use with Mineral, Semi Synthetic or Synthetic Oils
  • Safe with DPF’s and catalytic converters
  • Creates a cleaner environment for new oil and maximises the oil life
  • Ensures optimum oil circulation, while conditioning seals and minimising compression loss
  • 375ML

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