Penrite LHM Plus – 1 Litre


LHM Plus is Premium Mineral oil specifically designed for use in power steering, suspension, hydraulic and braking systems meeting ISO 7308 for petroleum based fluids used in stored energy systems. LHM Plus is recommended for service re-fill or top-up of hydraulic suspensions systems, braking and power steering systems where the manufacturer calls for a mineral based LHM fluid.

Suitable for other vehicle suspension systems and in vehicles requiring mineral brake fluid such as Jaguar (HSMO), Rolls Royce and in some tractors. It can be used as fork oil for motorcycles requiring a fork oil between 5 & 10. It can also be used as a light hydraulic oil.

  • CAUTION: Must not be used in vehicles specifying vegetable oils, synthetic fluids or conventional brake fluid.
  • Citroen B71 2710
  • Ford ESN-M6C59-A
  • ISO 7308
  • Massey Ferguson MF 1151
  • PSA B71 2710
  • VW 2000
  • 1 Litre

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