RAC811 – Slimline Starter Motor


Powerlite “Slimline” unit that will be a straight replacement for the MGB / MGC originally fitted with the pre-engaged starter. Weighing just 3.0 kg, the Slimline comes fitted with a “multi-mount” adaptor plate for easy fitting in tight situations – perfect for motorsport applications where space is at a premium. Although small and compact, this Slimline unit is deceptively powerful, kicking out 1.6 kW of high torque power from the epicyclic gearbox. Coming soon – watch this space! Designed for neagtive earth vehicles only.


  • year warranty / 5 year warranty if fitted by Approved Fitting Centre
  • 1.60 kW
  • 10 teeth
  • 12V
  • 3.0 KG

£250.00 £300.00 inc. VAT