ValetPro Medium Contamination Removal Bar 100G

SKU: EC18-100g

ValetPro medium contamination removal bar. Removes bonded contamination from paint surfaces that can’t be removed by normal washing. Tar spots, fall out, bonded traffic film and tree sap. As the bar glides over the paint surface bonded contaminates stick to the bar and are gently removed from the paint work. If your paint work feels rough after washing, try a contamination removal bar and feel the difference. Orange and Yellow can be used with water making them cost efficient. Blue are our most effective bar, designed generally for full detailing work to quickly and effectively remove contamination. Use this bar with citrus bling followed by purple passion for showroom results.



1. Split the bar in half (retain half in packaging).

2. Knead the bar in your hands to warm it up.

3. Flatten bar into a disk shape.

4. Spray clay rider (clay lube) on a square foot of the vehicle at a time.

5. Glide the bar back and forth across the well lubricated surface. If bar sticks, apply more clay lube.

6. Inspect the bar for contamination.

7. Knead the bar and fold it inwards to create a clean surface.

8. Repeat on another square foot until the vehicle is complete.

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