Grease and Lubricants

Greases and lubricants are very important for all types of car and this includes the special classic models too. Both grease and oil lubricants are used for the same process but with a small difference. Lubricating oil is runny and grease is more solid due to the addition of a thickening agent. Grease tends to be used on machinery that it would be more difficult to service.

We specialise in selling Penrite lube and grease and we invite you to view the variety on offer. Our range of Penrite grease and lubricant are high quality, so you can be assured you are applying a good and genuine product to your classic car models. In addition to this we stock Penrite water pump grease and steering box lube, aswell as graphite grease and copper eze (with the Penrite brand,) so you can be safe in the knowledge you have the correct substance for the specific parts of the car.

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