Penrite Copper Eze 500G


Penrite Copper Eze is a bentone based anti-seize, NLGI No.1.5 grease containing micro-size copper, zinc oxide and additional synthetic base oil that will resist temperatures of up to 1093°C.


Copper Eze is used to coat flanges, threads, nuts, bolts that are subject to corrosion or seizure etc. prior to assembly, to enable easy disassembly for service or replacement. It is also ideal for exhaust manifold studs, exhaust clamps, turbocharger connections, spark plug threads and in drum and disc brake assemblies. It can stop brake squeaking if applied to the back of disc brake pads and is ideal for disc brake calliper sliding pins.

Copper Eze may be used in all types of industries including corrosive marine and mining environments as well as the petroleum (exploration, refining) industry.

Copper Eze is ideal for boat trailer wheel studs to stop them rusting and seizing. It can be used on external hinges, flanges, screws, nuts & bolts to prevent seizure and corrosion in automotive, marine, industrial, agricultural and general domestic environments.

Copper Eze may be used at all temperatures from sub-zero to 1093°C.

  • Protects against corrosion in severe environments
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Synthetic lubricant prevents galling
  • Does not wash or burn off in every day use
  • Low toxicity
  • Protects against seizing
  • Resists high temperatures
  • Reduces torque during assembly
  • NLGI 1.5
  • 500G

Should not be used on internal components of engines, transmissions or brake systems.

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